Vineyard and Winery Property Acquisitions and Sales

Mark Foxx provides real estate brokerage and consulting services. His firm, Terra Resources, specializes in vineyard and winery properties, as well as income property. He has extensive professional experience in identifying properties that are excellent for vineyard development, because in addition to being a Licensed Broker, he is a Geologist,Contractor, Engineer and Pilot.

With 30+ years of experience in the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation, he is familiar with the geology, soils, microclimates, slope aspects, topography, hydrology and other key criteria, he is uniquely suited to locate and deliver the ideal piece of property for your needs. Mark also has selected opportunities available in Sonoma, Mendocino, the Sierra Foothills, and the Santa Lucia Highlands.

If you are selling a property, Mark can assist you in maximizing the value of the property being sold, finding a replacement property, and completing a 1031 tax deferred exchange that minimizes tax consequences that result from the sale.

As an independent broker, dedication to serving your needs is a top priority and confidentiality regarding your goals is assured.